Paolini's Products

Our motto is:  "If you can draw it, we can make it."

Animals - Concrete replicas and designs of various animals such as bears, birds, cats, chickens, cows, deer, dogs, ducks and geese, fish, foxes, frogs and toads, lions, pigs, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, turtles, and other miscellaneous animals in various sizes. We also produce animal memorial markers.

Architectural - Wide variety & Beautiful Selection of Windows, Entrance Ways, Coping, Specialty, Balustrades & Rails, Signworks, Pier Caps, Balls & Bases, Finials, Columns and Miscellaneous.

Benches - Our Benches include Child's Benches and Garden Benches in curved or straight.  These pieces have different designs such as Acorn and Oak Leaf, Cornucopia, Classic etc.

Capitals - Capitals are the decorative toppers for columns and pedestals.  There are a large variety of designs and sizes to match our also large selection of columns and pedestals.

Celtic - Check out our Celtic Crosses

Columns And Pedestals - Check out our large assortment of columns and pedestals.

Creatures - Gargoyles, Mermaids --- what have you.

Custom and Commercial Products - Our concrete products for commercial use include air conditioner pads, mailbox posts, splash blocks, commercial size planters and trash containers. We produce a large variety of custom pieces made specifically to a customer's dimensions. We also offer professional park benches and park tables.  The park benches have concrete ends with pressure treated lumber back and seat.  The park tables can be all concrete or concrete and pressure treated lumber. These benches and tables come unpainted and unstained and are found in the Tables (Professional/Commercial) catagory.

Decorative Ideas - Check out our decorative ideas.

Elves - Elves laying on belly, Singing, kneeling with flowers, Standing, Laying with pipe and More!!

Fairies - Fairies include poses with knees up, down and Fairies on Swing.

Finials - Finials like Pineapples, Roses, Garden Pineapple, Urns etc. can be found in this catagory.

Firefighting - These Firefighting replicas include Firefighter kneeling w/baby, Firefighter Standing, Firefighter W/Axe, FD Fire Hydrant and More!!

Fountains and Feeders -  Some of the pieces of our fountains can be interchanged in order to create your own unique fountain. These fountains and bird feeders also come in various sizes and designs.  We have one-piece birdbaths and birdbath tops and columns so you can mix and match.

Four Seasons/Statues - Four Seasons (Winter, Summer, Fall & Spring) in Small and Large.

Five Senses/Statues - Our Five Senses portrayed in (Winter, Summer, Fall & Spring) statues.

Gravesite Markers - Includes Praying Angels, Cherubs & Lambs, St. Francis with Animals and More!

Lantern Holders - These holders include the Jockey Boy, Cavalier Boy and More!!

Mythology - Venus de Milo etc.

Oriental - Our oriental collection includes pagodas, Buddha's, Oriental Lady, Oriental Man, Birdbaths and fountains.

Pedestals/Stands - Various sizes and colors of glass gazing balls and pedestal stands for holding the glass balls. We also now have stainless steel balls of various sizes and colors.

People/Statues- Replicas of Adults -Women, Men, Nanny and Pappy, and the most adorable selection of children statues!  You simply have to check this catagory out.

Planters - We offer over 200 styles of planters in different designs and sizes. We also carry planter accessories such as risers and saucers in the next category.

Planter Feet & Risers - Check out our large selection of planter accessories such as risers and saucers.

Religious - Religious statue section includes Coves, Lady of Grace, Madonna, Manger scene, Sacred Heart, St. Anthony, St. Fiacre, St. Francis, St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Theresa, and the Virgin Mary in various sizes.

Risers - Large variety of sizes, shapes and styles of Risers here!

Stepping Stones - We carry stepping stones with various designs and sizes.

Tables - We offer concrete tables for the garden in circular designs.  These pieces have different designs such as Acorn and Oak Leaf, Cornucopia, Classic, etc.  Don't forget to check out the benches listed in the benches catagory.

Vegetables - Mushrooms, Pumpkins.....more to come.

Unique Pieces - Check out these gorgeous stunning unique pieces!

Wall Plaques- Designs and size vary in our array of wall plaques.  We also carry mantle brackets in five different styles.


Haven't found what you are looking for----check out our Miscellaneous catagory below:

Miscellaneous Items - If it is in here,  as hard as we might, we couldn't find a better catagory. 

Still haven't found what you are looking for--No problem!

Remember:  Our motto is  "If you can draw it, we can make it."  Just contact us with your idea! We'd love to help!


Since our inventory is so varied, it is impossible to list all our items with a description and a dimension of each item. Please contact us for more specific details and prices on any of our inventory. Please note that we do not paint or stain our inventory. Stain is available for purchase if anyone wants a stained item. Some of our larger bears, deer, and commercial pieces are available as a special order only.