Concrete Care Sheet

Our products have been designed to provide you with years of pleasure and a minimum of attentio.  The mix design of our product meets all A.S.T.M. standings and a minimum compressive strength of 4,500 P.S.I (pounds per square inch).  Some of our special order custom jobs can exceed 7,000 P.S.I.

For over the last 20 years, we have been steadily improving our product to its current level.  We offer several suggestions to help prevent freezing and deterioration.  Our product will not freeze but standing water in the product will freeze and possibly cause damage.  We offer several suggestions to help prevent freezing and deterioration.  Any other questions regarding the care of your product, contact us.


1.)  Natural items should not be left in water over the winter.

2.)  Birdbaths and fountain bowls should be sealed for ease of cleaning.

3.)  When initially installing your items, set the items on a slab of concrete, patio blocks, pavers or landscaping stone to keep the product from absorbing extra moisture from the bare ground.  Otherwise, during the winter months it could freeze and possibly crumble.

4.)  If the item cannot be removed, cover the product with a heavy, black, polyurethane bag or cover.  It should be checked periodically for condensation.

5.)  Disassemble your birdbaths, fountain bowls, and planters, etc. and turn them upside down or place them under cover so water cannot accumulate and freeze in the bowls and planters which could cause the product to expand and break

6.)  Fountains must be drained and turned upside down.  If covered, check to make sure no water is leaking into the fountain and no water is left in the fountain bowl to freeze.  The pump should be removed and cleaned thoroughly with vinegar to remove lime from the water.  Small fountains can be used indoors during the winter for year long enjoyment as well as outside in the summer.

7.)  Painted/stained items should be placed indoors in the winter.

8.)Planters should be checked and filled heaping full of soil.  If the soil is below the top of the planter, water could accumulate and freeze causing the planter to crack and break.

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